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MapleCrystal(EliteMS派生? SQL入り

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MapleCrystal(EliteMS派生? SQL入り Empty MapleCrystal(EliteMS派生? SQL入り

投稿 by 構築さん 2014-06-23, 17:24




* Demon Slayer gains DF from all skills, not just primary attacks.
* Demon Slayer's 4th job shield starts with hidden potential
* Demon Slayer's "Vengeance" buff now stuns mobs and returns damage like it should
* Demon Slayer's "Possessed Aegis" now properly activates only when guarding
* Demon Slayer properly shows the correct max DF amount
* Demon Slayer's Dark Metamorphosis is completely fixed (applies buff, doesn't cause d/c, doesn't continuously drain DF)
* Hyper Teleport Rock and Premium VIP Teleport Rock now work
* the "psdSkill" attribute in the WZ is now handled for skills that increase damage of other skills
* Bowmaster's Roasting Shot DoT no longer causes mobs to freeze
* Elven Blessing now works
* Mercedes' beginner skills now have SP properly allocated to them
* "criticalProb" and "evadeProb" WZ properties now handled for potions
* Skill macros no longer persist between different characters (you will no longer get skill macros of other characters)
* Dual Blade's Physical Training and Enveloping Darkness are now handled
* DB skills showing a master level of 0 are fixed
* Dojo gloves (and other items with the fixedPotential property) are now fixed.
* Paladin's Divine Shield and Achilles skills are now functional
* Paladin's elemental charges no longer add bossing damage
* Purchasing additional pendant slots from CS now works
* Stat-boosting potions now work
* Speed Infusion works
* Battle Mage auras now stack
* Body Boost now works properly and correctly gives temporary invincibility
* Twister Spin does correct damage
* Max Fury now regenerates DF
* Obsidian Skin is now handled
* Acceleration Bot/Healing Bot for mech now work
* Missile Tank/Siege Mode for mech now stack and can be toggled on/off properly
* Aran's High Defense is now handled
* Mihile, Aran, Evan, Phantom now correctly start at level 10 with the correct amount of AP and SP, and correct equips
* Party search now works, as do party join requests
* Mihile now gains SP properly per job advancement
* Mechanic's Satellite summons damage parsing fixed
* KoC classes will now gain 6 AP per level until Level 70
* To The Skies now works
* Medals can now be re-issued from the medal UI
* Guild BBS no longer wipes threads
* Phantom's Skill Swipe works completely
* Double Down partially fixed; animation shows up, but only one of the dice takes effect, the other is ignored
* Expedition invites no longer D/C
* Balrog Expedition no longer errors out
* Corsair's "All Aboard" summons now randomize properly, and give the listed effects
* Corsair's Parrotargetting skill now properly increases damage dealt to mobs it's applied to
* Corsair's Crosscut Blast is fully functional
* Shadower's Meso Guard and Meso Mastery are now fully functional
* Shadower's "Enveloping Darkness" skill is now handled
* Shadower: Pickpocket now activates for all attacking skills
* Shadower: Meso Explosion damage parse fixed
* Dawn Warrior's Power Reflection should now properly reduce damage taken
* Night Lord's Expert Throwing Star Handling should now work properly
* Link skills are working fully
* Mihile now gains the "Knight's Watch" skill upon creation
* Mihile's Soul Shield now properly swaps out after each job advancement
* Crafting effects now properly show in Ardentmill
* Corsair's Wings skill is now fully functional and no longer disconnects
* Dual Blades correctly start with the right skill book and should no longer lose skills upon relogging
* Meso Rate Increase now affects pet loot as well
* DB's Shadow Meld is now completely functional
* Mihile's "Self Recovery" skill now works
* Outlaw's "Perseverance" skil now works
* Phantom: Cards from Carte Noire and Carte Blanche should no longer get stuck and glitch you.
* Phantom: Final Feint no longer has an infinite duration. It will last until you die. It will also no longer display "Revived by Soul Stone".
* Gemstone imps are now fully handled with imps requiring no sleep! (Non-imp pots are still a WIP)
* You are no longer able to harvest veins or flowers while your character is dead.
* Equipment set effects have been fixed and should now be applied
* Item quantities in shops have been fixed. (*If an item is sold for 0 mesos, it will say nothing in re-buy, this is intentional)
* Magic Guard, Buff Mastery, Teleport Mastery, and Pickpocket should no longer be dispellable by mobs.
* Monster Cards will now appear correctly and no longer require you to re-enter the map in order to display them
* Evan's dragon is no longer lazy and now moves around with the player
* Evan's Recovery Aura will no longer affect you if your character is dead
* Evan's Recovery Aura now restores HP as well as MP correctly as it should. (At level 5, 20% HP, 100% MP over 45 seconds in two second ticks)
* You can no longer have three imps without first learning Herbalism or Mining
* Bishop's Holy Magic Shell now has the correct cooldown and will now properly dissipate after absorbing 10 attacks
* Phantoms can now use Decent Combat Orders
* Night Lord's Frailty Curse now works
* Wheel of Destiny now works
* Inner abilities are now handled serverside
* Veins and herbs now properly randomize; the same vein will no longer respawn in the same spot over and over
* Superior Item Crystals are now gained correctly
* Votepoints will now update dynamically meaning you no longer need to log out before voting


* Dynamically scaling buffed channels, where each channel is stronger than the previous
* Instanced drops for bosses, where each member of the expedition is guaranteed loot that nobody else can take
* A (slightly) more complete MapleBuffStat.java, in case you want to do any messing with buffstats
* Global party play EXP (turn all maps into party play maps)
* Global mob stat multipliers (see GameConstants)
* NX drops from mobs
* Working circulators and fully handled inner abilities (code is messy though)
* Correctly calculated potentials (no more 20% all stats per line)
* Not many other features, tbh.  This is a fairly good source fix-wise since there's a lot of stuff working, but the source doesn't have a lot of custom content in it.  A good source to use as a base, I guess.

ALTER TABLE `DB_NAME_HERE`.`wz_itemdata` ADD COLUMN `option1` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER `afterImage`,
 ADD COLUMN `option2` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER `option1`,
 ADD COLUMN `option3` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER `option2`;

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