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Fixed Complie error
Fixed SearchHandler.java
Fixed 'GM Roar' Reward
Added WZ Files '' Dun remember if Orginal Chaotic had '' ?
Changed Slime Reward system to Pirate leaf system.
This is a pirate server. :cool:
@rw and @rw1 insted of reward
Edited Sera Alot
Custom Start
Added Kin and NIMKin at one step trough -Custom start-
Added More [PiratbobTips] aka Yourserver tips
Sera max your skills
Deleted non-working Commands from @commands
Save reminder :)
@pl insted of @slime

Added Jump-Quest 1
Added Jump-Quest 2 These two send you to each JQ and tells info.
Added Jump-Quest Rewarder 1
Added Jump-Quest Rewarder 2
Added Max-Stat items [WZ Editing Done]
Changed MaxStatitem 32k insted of 30k
Added Unlimited Buff time
Coco Sells fame
Added all-in-one-shop
Deleted Cash Section & Bubble Exchanger + one random.
Want NX? @buynx is the only way now on.
You can edit @buynx prices in PlayerCommands.java, yea you need to complie after.

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