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Revision 1:

Added improved equip scroller.
Added Tetris System.
Added FM16 Tetris Bosses spawner.
Added FM16 Portal Block.
Added option to on/off AutoRegister (under ServerConstants)
Added "Server started on : [host IP/name]" dialog in console.
Added cross-(what do you call that?) job changer. (You can now change from adventurer to Aran, Aran to KOC, etc)
Added level 120 Rebirth for KOC.
Added PVP mode (PVP anywhere)
Added @pvp to enable/disable
Added pots and heal is disabled when pvp mode is on
Added Anti-Loser : pvp mode can only be disable when dead
Added PVP 2x damage and 2x defense items. (not stackable)
Added invitation systems
Added special buffs
Added @recharge (recharges stars and arrows)
Added AIO shop rates (without editing SQL tables)
Added JackPot system
Added occupations
Added all of the shops to AIO and fixed a bug that closed the npc after a while
Added FM training map
Fixed stabilized the source
Added Monsters now give aways NX
Fixed dupe in the FM stores
Added reborns/rebirthes
Added custom gacha
Added Event Npc + !event command
Added exchanger item npc
Added equipement scroller npc by purchasing a scroller ticket
Added Metal-Points system
Added npc that trades metal poits for godly stuff and a GM membership
Added Reset stats nps
Added gain a godly ring by giving away your ap stats
Added general help
Added GM/Player/Donors commands Gms = ! Players = @ Donors = $
Added command !whereami / !pos
Added !gmperson now you can gm players in the game without having to restart the server
Added !metalpoints (Player's name) (amount)
Added !nx (Player's name) (amount)
Added first quest at the very beggining
Added blocked portal at the first quest
Added full zakum spawner
Fixed Boss spawner now trades maple golden leafs for spawning mobs
Added Some WZ modified items
Fixed playernpc

to spawn your own playernpc without any NPC behind you use the command
!playernpc (player's name) (npc ID:9901200~9901299)

Meals Bonus
Account/Char Creation notification
speak command

-fix the max skiller bug it dc other players
-add pvp shop?
-pvp war
-remove RMI system because it's useless
-add Custom PQ
-add job advancemen
-fishing system
-Balrog PQ

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